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Mark your calendars! Wreath Community opens up August 1st 2023! 

Nick holding his 18" wreath design

Wreath Community Now OPEN!


Learn the art of designing with Nick himself! Each month, Nick will take you through several different designs. We create seasonal wreaths, centerpieces, arrangements, swags, teardrops, lantern swags, garlands, and planters. Each month we try to include as many different techniques for the upcoming seasons.  

Designing a Christmas wreath


Forseeable Trends 2022-2023

Educational 101's on new business topics each month that help take your creations to the next step! Plus, hundreds of past tutorials dating all the way back from 2016! Each Monday at 8:00 EST we go LIVE together, We call it "date night"!

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A glass floral arrangement with roses
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