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About Wreath Community



Nick's Exclusive Wreath Community is an educative group in which Nick Kreticos ( Designer) teaches you techniques and skills associated with floral design. Nick takes you step by step using a high resolution zoomable camera as he places each piece of the design. Since members are a PRIORITY, Nick will personally address any questions regarding designing. In the community, you will master the art of designing.



Each month, Nick will take you through several different designs. We create seasonal wreaths, centerpieces, arrangements, swags, teardrops, lantern swags, garlands, and planters. Each month we try to include as many different techniques for the upcoming seasons. 

( We often design one FRESH design using fresh flowers as well) 

Deals and discounts only applicable to the group are in effect as well. ( 20% off every purchase at!)

We often design between 16-18 new tutorials monthly, PLUS you have access to every single video we have ever done in the group!

Each Monday at 8:00 EST we go LIVE together, We call it "date night"!

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