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HELP! I've run out of creativity!

As a designer, our jobs require us to have an endless imagination when it comes to creating new designs.

But that doesn't necessarily mean everything has to be different....

Think about it, are we really able to make an absolutely 100% ORIGINAL design without some form of replication? The answer is no, but there are ways to make designs seem original, fresh, and new with a few simple tricks.

One thing that drastically changes the look of a design, is color.

Color plays a huge role in the outcome. For instance, certain bold colors ( i.e; red, blue, green, etc.) require less product IMO that certain pastel colors that blend together. Just simply changing out the color scheme on a wreath will make for a completely different looking design.

I often use the same ribbon technique in my designs. It's one of my signature styles, that year after year I replicate using different colors and products. By switching ribbon colors, or by using two ribbons vs. one it completely changes the look and the feel of your overall design.

Red Velvet and Gold Wreath designed in Nick's Exclusive Wreath Community

As you can see on the left, we have a large red velvet bow in the left hand corner of the wreath. Down below, we have a large bow in the same exact location as well. Besides color, what is the ONLY difference in regards to design placement? One has two ribbons, whereas one has a single ribbon.

As you can see the tails are in the exact same location as well. By switching out colors and using slightly different picks, we designed two extravagant wreaths without overthinking the process and getting "wreather's block"

Red And Silver Wreath designed in Nick's Exclusive Wreath Community

Don't get into a rut thinking that you have to be creating completely different designs every single time. As you began designing more and more, you will find out what your most "popular" style is. Not only will it be one that you enjoy ( As your best work shows when you enjoy the process), but it will be one of your best sellers.

Don't let this blog fool you though, it is important to have a variety of designs and styles within your shop. Which is why we teach all kinds of designs. However, when you run out of ideas, rearrange what has once been popular for you into something fresh and new.

"Heavy Frost" Designed in Nick's Exclusive Wreath Community

Here is another prime example of what we are talking about. We designed this beauty using some replication, but still maintained a large level of originality. This wreath was named "Heavy Frost" because everything added was either covered in ice crystals, flocking, snow, or clear glitter. It was my most sought after wreath for Christmas 2019. Yet, the technique remains the same!

Notice anything similar?

We have created the SAME traditional bow, however what makes this design unique from the above is our bow placement. We placed this bow perfectly centered in the design, rather than the left hand corner like the other designs above.

This is something that I RARELY do. Reason being trying to simulate a perfectly proportioned wreath is more difficult than off-centering everything.

The eye is drawn to obvious imperfections, so when designing something off centered and not precise, your eye doesn't notice as much since it is planned out to be that way.

Double Ribbon Tails being shown Curled

So let's forget about bows for a second...

The majority of wreaths incorporate ribbon one way or another, correct? Maybe it's time to curl them up! Or if you already do that.. try having them laying perfectly flat!

On the right, It is a picture of the wreath up above. Traditionally I would leave the tails hanging down without any curl. A simple way for me to change the look of a repetitive design is to CURL them.

Since I ONLY use wired ribbon in my artificial designs, I simply wrap the ribbon over itself a few times and it holds it shape perfectly! A very simple way to change out styles!

This is a very simple way for me personally to get creative using my own personal designs.

This will vary slightly based on your own personal style and techniques.

I hope these simple tips help you think creatively when you run out of designs. Originality can very easily be achieved through the use of color and types of products. Design aspects can be the exact same, yet you have a completely fresh looking wreath.

Thank you for reading, Happy Wreathing!

Nick Kreticos

Nick's Seasonal Décor

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Oct 26, 2020

I think you do amazing work!! And you are a great teacher!

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